CASL was passed in Dec 2010 and was implemented starting July 1 2014. The new law generally prohibits the sending of Commercial Electronic Messages (CEM’s) without recipients’ permission, alteration of electronic message, installation of computer programs without express consent of the owner of the system or its agent (an employee), using false representation online to promote goods and services, collection of personal information through access of computer system and collection of electronic addresses and their usage, without permission.

To comply with CASL, Alberta's Credit Union has developed and implemented its own Anti-Spam Policy. The purpose of BCU’s anti-spam policy is to provide staff, management and Board of Directors clear guidance on Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) and how ABCU Credit Union will protect its members and other individuals who receive CEMs (commercial electronic messages) from BCU.

If, you as a member, would like to ensure that you do not receive any CEMs from Alberta's Credit Union, please email your details (Full Name, email address and phone number) to