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Reset your Personal Access Code & Increased Authentication Challenge Questions.


Key Benefits

This new service allows you to reset the Personal Access Code when you have forgotten it without having to contact us at the branch.

This service also allows you to change or see your challenge questions if you have forgotten your answers without having to contact us at the branch.

How it Works

User verification (name, address, date of birth, phone number to banking system).

You are then prompted with three multiple choice questions to verify your identity from the credit bureau.

If your answers are correct, you will be able to change your Personal Access Code and Increased Authentication questions.

If failed – you'll be asked one additional question. If failed again, a message will be sent to contact us at ABCU.

You are allowed three attempts in 24 hours (midnight to midnight).

Why it's Great

This new service saves you, our members, time that has been traditionally consumed having to contact us for your Personal Access Code anytime you've forgotten it.

There is also no need to wait until the branch opens to unlock your online banking.