About Us

We have been providing user-friendly business and personal banking services to the Beaumont and Edmonton communities since 1938.

From great rates to tailored advice, we've got something for everyone.  Our services are locally focused, which means that all lending decisions are made and carried out from our local branch, rather than from a distant head office.  We also believe in treating our member-owners as people, not numbers.  Your individual needs are important to us, and so, we have created a complete range of personalized banking services to meet your ever-changing needs.  

Some examples of these services include:

Building Simply Better Banking - in the last year, we spent a lot of time with members and employees to gain an understanding of how they felt about their credit union, what elements make them proud to bank with us.  Through this research, a new brand was developed that respectfully honors the three legacy credit unions (Beaumont, River City and University Hospitals), and provides, a fresh, modern look for us to grow beyond 2020.  Check out our video here.

Looking for a banking experience that is just simply better?   Contact us at today.