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About Us

Built on the powerful legacy of three credit unions (Beaumont, River City and University Hospitals), ABCU Credit Union has been proudly supporting personal and business members in the Beaumont and Edmonton communities since 1938.


Building Simply Better Financial Services

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Local service

We’re locally focused, which means all our decisions are made from our local branches, not a distant head office.

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Personal support

We treat our member-owners as people, not numbers. So, you’ll always get personalized, unbiased support from us.

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Tailored solutions

We’ve created a complete range of customized, easy-to-use financial services to meet your ever-changing needs.

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Join a financial institution that cares

As a member-owned financial institution, our number one priority is making our members’ live better ­– simpler – giving them access to expert financial support when they need it. 


Get to know your credit union

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Meet our leadership team

We’re guided by an experienced leadership team and our Board of Directors, consisting of local leaders chosen by you.

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Learn how we support community

We support sustainable development, working hard to make meaningful contributions in the communities we call home.

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Build your career with ABCU

Discover the exciting opportunities available to join our team at ABCU Credit Union.

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Get in touch with us

Connect with our team by phone, in-person or online. We’re here to help answer any questions and provide support.

Addressing Your Concerns

ABCU Credit Union (ABCU) will make every effort to answer a question, solve a problem or share a success, in a timely, efficient manner and retain your confidence. We want to maintain your satisfaction and retain your confidence by addressing any questions or concerns you may have.  At the same time, we use your feedback to continually improve the quality of products and services we provide you and other members.


If you have a complaint or encounter a problem

There are a variety of ways you can express your concerns or provide positive feedback about your experiences with ABCU.  We encourage you to get in touch with us, either in person or by telephone, email or fax. We want to handle your complaint in the most efficient and professional manner possible.  Here is a quick and easy step-by-step reference to ensure your concern receives the attention it deserves.


Step 1:  Start at the source. Talk about your concerns with the ABCU employee you are dealing with.

If a problem occurs, it is generally easier to check the facts and come to a resolution at the point where the problem originated.  This may simply entail a quick telephone call or a visit to the branch.  ABCU employees are authorized to address many questions or concerns on the spot.  You can also complete the online feedback form or call our member contact center at 1-888-929-7511. Save yourself valuable time by collecting all the relevant information before you make your initial contact.


Step 2: Contact the Leader Branch Experience

If your problem cannot be resolved to your satisfaction from where the problem originated, ask to speak with the Leader, Branch Experience.  They have the authority to address most banking issues.  The sooner you contact the appropriate parties, the sooner they can begin working on a solution. 


Step 3: Contact the Director, Member Experience

The Director, Member Experience will direct your concern to the Executive Leadership Team as appropriate for review and resolution.

Director, Member Experience
Mail: 5007-50 Avenue Beaumont, Alberta, T4X-1E7

Step 4: Contact the Ombudsman for Banking Services and Investments

The Ombudsman for Banking Services and Investments (OBSI) provides you with an independent and impartial avenue to resolve concerns.  For information about submitting a concern to the OBSI contact:

Phone: 1.888.451.4519
Mail: Ombudsman for Banking Services and Investments
P.O. Box 896 Station Adelaide